Kinetic Solar KWN60P-G


Kinetic KWN60P-G, 60° portrait awning frame for 60- or 72-cell modules, KWN60P-G (each)

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Canadian-made Kinetic Solar Wall/Awning Mount, type KWN60P-G, makes it easy to mount solar panels to a wall. These are galvanized steel brackets that are fastened to a wall. Regular Kinetic (Rapid-One) rail is mounted on the brackets, and panels go on top of that using regular mid- and end-clamps. The brackets work for both 60- and 72-cell panels, and the panels mount in portrait at a 60-degree tilt-angle (to the horizontal, so the angle with the wall is 30 degrees).

For Rapid-One rail one bracket is needed every 4 feet, with a maximum cantilever at the ends of 19″. the KWN60P-G brackets come as a single unit, with a set of 2″ L-brackets. The hardware to mount to the wall, or rails and other panel mounting hardware is not included. To mount a single panel you would need two KWN60P-G brackets, and for more panels they would simply be spaced every 4 feet (just like regular L-brackets on a roof solar installation).

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