Schneider – Conext

Schneider Electric is a French multinational corporation that specializes in electricity distribution, automation management, and produces installation components for energy management. A few years ago they bought up Xantrex (which used to be named ‘Trace’ before that), and they renamed the famous XW-line of Xantrex off-grid inverters to the ‘Conext’ brand.

Conext inverters offer superb reliability, being of the “the three” mainstay brands for off-grid life. In comparison to the competition they are somewhat easier to set up, and offer just about every conceivable feature. Of course, all that good stuff comes at a price.

Besides inverters they also make large charge controllers and other balance-of-system components. The brand name Xantrex also lives on: It is used for the smaller portable power market inverters (for RVs, boats etc.).

Solacity can help you determine what Conext components you need for your system.